• 9th June 2006 - By proteman

    My PR person, Kimberly Hathaway, found this press release link. It’s got some useful best practice research on sales training. I’ve used this site myself for other (non-sales) best practice business research. I recommend it. You have to register but there is some good stuff on it.

    Recent benchmarking research completed by Best Practices Research and Consulting shows that the average sales employee receives 41.5 hours of training a year (based on a cross- industry study.) This research on the Design and Administration of Sales Training Programs (a complimentary study excerpt is available at http://www3.best-in-class.com/de215.htm) identifies how much training the average company provides to its sales associates, as well as the skills trained and the most effective medians for conveying information.

    I also recommend trying the Best Practices company site for business best practices research on a variety of topics. You have to register but some of the reports are really interesting…great support for making a business case in an organization.

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