• 19th June 2006 - By proteman

    I’m getting ready for a flight to Salt Lake City tomorrow. I’ll be delivering a one-day Coaching and Performance Management session at Wasatch Advisors. I’m packing my latest “favorite” business book, Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner. Since I’m now seven months pregnant, flying isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, so an engaging book is more valuable than ever.

    I bought Freakonomics at the ASTD conference after seeing Levitt and Dubner keynote there. When I saw them on the ASTD agenda, I remember wondering what economics had to do with the Training and Development profession.

    I get it now. This is a great, stimulating read. Anyone who’s curious about the world – or wants to develop a healthy sense of curiosity – should read this book. Steven D. Levitt, who labels himself a “rogue economist”, epitomizes the competencies of innovation, curiosity and analysis. He asks questions that no one else asks, sees connections between things that other people don’t see, and takes risks by going places where other economists won’t go.

    American business needs more people who think like Levitt. He challenges conventional thinking and asks “Why?”

    I highly recommend this book!

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