• 7th August 2006 - By proteman

    The WSJ recently had an article about how all the little things you do as a job candidate – from the minute you pull up to the building – leave a lasting impression. It gives funny examples of how everything gets noticed by prospective employers, from what you read in the lobby to how clean your car is.

    As I was reading this article, I realized that this is a two-way street. While employers scrutinize everything candidates do, remember that candidates also scrutinize everything employers do. What kind of an image is your company projecting to job candidates?

    I thought back to some of my experiences as a job candidate. One particularly disorganized company knew I was coming in but had nothing prepared…including the fact that the suite number to their offices was wrong in their directions to me! After finally finding the right office space, I was shuffled between a few interviewers who looked like they didn’t want to be there. Consequently, I decided I didn’t want to be there either.

    In another company, a hiring manager kept sneaking peeks at his Blackberry while I was answering questions— and once his secretary popped in unannounced to let him know his wife was on the line and needed to ask him something! Although I had turned off my mobile phone and cleared my mind of all distractions for this opportunity, he clearly didn’t value my time enough to do the same.

    Here are some tips on what you can do to leave a lasting positive impression on the candidates who interview YOU:

    1. Treat the candidate like you would a client. Would you keep a potential client waiting around for an hour? Do you make an announcement that a big sales prospect is coming in and everyone should be on their best behavior? Whether they are hired or not, remember that all candidates are walking billboards for how your company treated them during the selection process. You never know who they might know!
    1. Orchestrate every minute of the interview. Do you know where candidates will be at all times? Who is taking them to the next interview appointment? Is anyone meeting them downstairs to get them through security? Make sure you coordinate with other selection managers in advance so that you are not wasting anyone’s time by “winging it.”
    1. Pay Attention to the candidate. Are you subtly glancing at your Blackberry or your open email inbox on the computer screen? Have you asked for all calls to be held unless it’s an emergency? Treat the interview seriously to show how serious you are about finding the right person for this job.

    Finding the right job means “finding the right fit”— and that definitely goes for both candidates and employers. What other tips or ideas do you have to help hiring managers make a positive impression on all job candidates?

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