• 29th September 2006 - By proteman

    Sales managers often ask salespeople what they have in the “sales prospecting funnel”. The funnel is a prospecting tool used to predict how much new business a salesperson will bring in over the next few months. The idea is that salespeople who “fill their funnels” with a high volume of quality sales leads typically end up with a high volume of viable prospects…which if pursued, turn into a high volume of new business.

    The funnel concept also applies to recruiting and selecting sales candidates for open positions:

    • The more sales talent your company consistently attracts;
    • The bigger the pool of qualified applicants for each open sales position;
    • The more strong candidates make it through the selection process;
    • Yielding a better quality sales hire.

    The recruitment and selection funnel works on a “garbage in – garbage out” principle.

    If your sales recruitment process (filling the funnel) and your sales selection process (screening and filtering through candidates) aren’t in sync, you’ll be disappointed when it comes time to make the hiring decision. You may be stuck with no good options and have to repost the job…or you may hire a “warm body” out of desperation to fill the position.

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