• 13th March 2007 - By proteman

    I just read a great BusinessWeek article that reminds companies that their recruitment and selection processes are marketing tools. More companies should remember this.

    You can enhance or erode your company’s brand by the image you convey at each step of the recruitment and selection processes. Think about it. Every prospective candidate is a customer. You’re evaluating them, and they’re forming impressions about your company. Ask yourself (and others), “What does our process say about our company?”

    Here’s something we at The Loyalty Group did to build our brand with prospective job candidates. One of the things we value is giving back to the community. We want to work with people and companies who care about others and our society. To send this message, in our recruitment advertisements, we advertised as a benefit that we donate $500 at the end of each year to each employee’s charity of choice. Of course, we must approve each charitable cause and won’t allow anything political, religious or highly controversial. The point is – it’s imporant to our company – and we wanted to hire people who valued “giving” and social responsiblity as a benefit.

    It’s amazing how many job candidates told us how excited they were to interview with us, specifically because of that benefit. We heard over and over again that it “said a lot about our company.” Even those who weren’t hired by us left the process knowing what our company stands for.

    Think about your employment brand. What is your hiring process saying about your company?

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    • Anonymous on April 8, 2008

      Interesting concept, will definately change how I look at conducting interviews.

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