• 28th March 2008 - By proteman

    Earlier I posted on the idea that nothing is “recession proof”, as much as popular media and many “experts” want to peddle their recession-proofing wares to us.

    Reality check….the best we can do is build up our resistance to recession and the other ups and downs of business. This blog is the first in a series of articles with pointers on how to be recession resistant, as an employee, manager, salesperson or business.

    Below are five strategies for surviving during tough times and always landing on your feet. I’ll cover each in more detail in follow-up posts.

    1. Pull Your Head out of the Sand

    Stay alert for predictable surprises. Harvard Professor Max Bazerman says that “Predictable surprises happen when leaders had all the data and insight they needed to recognize the potential, even the inevitability, of major problems, but failed to respond with effective preventative action.”

    2. Live with Healthy Fear

    Paralyzing fear is bad. Fear that propels you to take action is healthy!

    3. Don’t Assume You’re Still Valuable

    What made you successful in good times may not be what matters in bad times. Question what is really important to your business and your bosses when recession looms…and find ways to fill that need.

    4. Keep Your Pipeline Full

    If you only network and ask for referrals when times are bad (and you’re looking for opportunities)…it’s probably too late.

    5. Become Your Own PR Person

    Whether you know it or not, we’re all in the public relations business. Be your own advocate and build your brand year-round.

    Tune in for more postings describing how to execute each of these survival strategies.

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