• 8th January 2009 - By proteman

    Since posting my last blog entry, someone close to me emailed, wondering why I — a successful sales consultant who’s trying to market her business — would publish such basic sales mistakes for the world (and prospective clients) to see. What about my reputation?

    First, I’m honest enough to admit that I’ve made some pretty stupid mistakes along the way. Every expert and professional has. Anyone who claims they haven’t is lying, arrogant or lacking self-awareness. Remember Michael Jordan’s baseball career? Al Gore saying that he created the internet (or something like that)? Oprah flaunting her weight loss to her fans, then later admitting that she’d had liposuction? Famous people cursing when they thought the microphone was off? Oops!

    Second, if you can’t laugh at and move on from your mistakes, you’ll either beat yourself up over them (NOT productive) or you’ll never learn from them.

    That said — I don’t make a lot of mistakes. But when I do, I remember them and don’t make them again. Phyllis

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