• 8th January 2009 - By proteman

    Note to self: Don’t do that again.

    Falling on your face is a great educator.

    In that vein, I’m going to confess two of the most embarrassing things I’ve said and done in my 20+ year sales career. Funny how they’re little things — that make a big impact.

    Want to Chat?
    The first year I started my business, I did a lot of “warm calling”. I’d research companies I wanted to target, then make the call. I’d get up and start calling at 7 am, hoping to catch decision makers at their desks.

    One woman I’d been trying to reach for months was the Director of Training for a major auto dealership on the east coast. One early morning, to my surprise, she answered her own phone. Caught off guard, I introduced myself and said, “I was hoping we could chat about your business and see if there might be a fit with what we offer.” Flatly, the woman replied, “I don’t have time to chat.”

    Note to self:
    Most of the time, you only get one shot at an opportunity. Don’t blow it by winging it. Always be ready and focused, even at 7 am.

    Relaying Two Much on Spill Check
    You know where this is going, right?
    Big proposal. Fortune 100 prospect. Big typo.

    Yes, we misspelled the client company’s name throughout the proposal.

    I don’t want to give the company name, but let’s say that it includes a word that’s commonly misspelled — like principal and principle. Alas, the client wasn’t very forgiving and (surprise!) we didn’t get the business.

    Note to self:
    Details can win or lose business. We put a lot of work into that proposal – and it was good. Don’t ever let something like a (big) spelling error kill you.

    If you think you’ve got me beat with a really silly sales blunder, please share!

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