• 3rd September 2009 - By proteman

    “Man bites off fingertip of other man at Healthcare rally!”

    “Man slaps stranger’s crying toddler in WalMart!”

    These are just two of today’s news headlines. Is it me, or are there a lot of angry people out there these days? It’s not surprising, given the economy, reality TV and lack of trust in corporate America (among other things).

    However — it did make me think that it’s a good time to remind anyone who’s a manager to remember that people have feelings. Emotions are running high these days. We’re all busy, so it’s easy to forget to be “nice”, say thank you or just sit and listen to employees.

    But it’s more important than ever to make extra time.

    The majority of employees aren’t dangerous or violent. What managers should worry about is the impact of angry employees who suffer quietly and unproductively, who badmouth your company or who subtly sabotage your efforts. That’s the biggest threat you face when you ignore feelings at work.

    Now get out there and be nice. Or else! Grrrr..!

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