• 16th February 2011 - By proteman

    Tuesday:  Very excited.  Received the job offer I was hoping for.  It doesn’t pay as much as some of the other offers on the table, but the hiring manager really “sold” me on the company.  I should have lots of opportunity to grow and make an impact!  Can’t wait to start next Monday!

    Monday:  First day was rough.  When I showed up, no one knew who I was.  I sat in the lobby for a long time until someone could find my new boss.  Then, no computer, no phone, no office.  I sat at an empty cubicle for several hours reading HR policies.  I’m sure it’ll be better tomorrow…

    Tuesday:  More of the same, except they moved me to a different cubicle.  At least this one had a window, so I could watch people pulling in and out of the company parking lot.  Cloudy today.   Saw an interesting bird.  Texted a lot to my friends who were working.

    Wednesday:  Sat through new employee orientation. Haven’t talked to my new boss since the interview process.  Guess he’s busy in meetings…but still??!!! 

    Thursday:  Got a temporary office, but facilities told me “don’t get too comfortable”.  At least it has a phone and a computer, but I don’t have an email set up.  The IT department says I’m “on the list” to get set up, but it’ll be a few days.  Been surfing the web all afternoon…

    Friday:  Briefly met with my new boss today.  He’s asked me to put together a presentation outlining my vision for our department and what I think my key objectives should be for the year.  I’m not sure where to start.  Asked for more direction but he said he “wants to see what I come up with on my own.”  Would help to know his agenda.  Does he even have one?  Is this a test? 

    Five months later:  I start my new job next week.  Hopefully it’ll be better than the last one.

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